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The Oral History Division of the Hebrew University is proud to host its first international conference in the field of oral history. Oral history is based on individuals' accounts of past events. According to Alessandro Portelli, oral histories "reveal less about the events as such than about their meaning". Oral histories "tell us not just what people did, but what they wanted to do, what they believed they were doing, and what they now think they did."

The organizers of this conference invite proposals relating to the issue of subjectivity in the creation of oral histories and narratives in all areas of study, as well as how this issue is understood and presented in scholarly work. The conference will also host panels on the theme of narratives and education, focusing on the subject of reflexivity in teaching and the place of interviews in educational research. The conference will be organized into panel sessions planned around a specific topic of investigation. Participants are encouraged to submit an individual paper or organize a panel.

The conference will address these issues in relation to the following areas of study: Immigration and transnationalism, Trauma Studies, Holocaust Studies, Human Rights, Conflict Studies with emphasis on the Arab-Israeli conflict, Minorities Studies, Gender Studies, Culture and Identity, Narrative and Education.

* The Harry. S Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University will host the sessions relating to "Oral

History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

Keynote speakers include:

Prof. Amia Lieblich (Academic College of Tel Aviv/Jaffa, Hebrew University)

From Tibet to Neve Shalom: Can Oral History be useful?

Dr. Adel Manna (Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem)

Oral history as a source for history of the Nakbah: The survival of Palestinians in Israel as a case study

Proposals should be sent no later than November 15, 2013 to:

Notification of acceptance will be given by January 1, 2014.

*Conference fees apply

Jerusalem, June 8-10, 2014



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