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International Oral History Conference Program

Looking At Then, Now

June | 8-10, 2014

Rabin Building for the World Center of Jewish Studies

 (rooms 2001, 3001)

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus

Sunday June 8

9:30-10:00 Registration

10:00-11:00 (Room 3001)

Greetings: Prof. Uzi Rebhun (Head of the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University)

Opening Address

Chair: Prof. Dalia Ofer (Hebrew University)

Dr. Sharon Kangisser Cohen (Hebrew University)

Testimony and Time: Early and Late Survivor Testimony

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

Session 1 11:30-13:00Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Conflict in Israeli and Palestinian Oral Histor y

Chair: Prof. Alessandro Portelli (University of Rome)

Prof. Joyce Dalsheim (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

History, Histories, Alternative Histories, and Alternatives to History: Who Can Be Subaltern in Israel/Palestine?

Mr. Yiftach Ron (Hebrew University)

Metanarratives and Reconstruction of Life Stories in the Context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dr. Kobi Peled (Ben-Gurion University)

Oral History and Pre-1948 Rural Palestine: Memories of Palestinian Arab Israelis as Historical Sources

Dr. Amer Dahamshe (Tel Aviv University and Arab Academic College of Education)

The Untold Story: A Comparative Study of Hebrew and Arabic Natural Features Names

Panel 2 (Room 2001)


 Chair: Dr. Amos Goldberg (Hebrew University)

Dr. Avihu Ronen (Tel Hai Academic College)

Oral History and the Documentation of Underground Movements in the Ghettos

Dr. Kinga Frojimovics (Yad Vashem)

The Aims and Socio-Historical Context of Holocaust Testimony Collections

Dr. Andree Michaelis (Europa-Universitהt Viadrina)

Bridging the Gap between Personal Subjectivity and Historical Generalization: Interpreting

Holocaust Video Testimonies

Mr. Yochai Ataria (Hebrew University)

ALL OR NOTHING: Traumatic History and Historical Trauma

13:00-14:30 Lunch (Frank Sinatra Cafeteria, Student Union Building)

Session 2 14:30-16:00Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Oral History, Media and Conflict

Chair: Prof. Avraham Sela (Hebrew University)

Dr. Alexandra Herfroy-Mischler (Hebrew University)

Oral History and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Journalists in the Newsroom Remember the Failed

Mossad Operation against Hezbollah in Bern, Switzerland, 1998

Ms. Shirly Bahar (New York University)

Stories from the Village, Stories from the Moon: The Oral and Audiovisual History of Ein-Houd

Dr. Zvi Bekerman (Hebrew University)

The Search for Symmetry: Partial Solutions to the Teaching of Historical Narratives to Palestinians and Jews

Mr. Eran Torbiner (Independent Filmmaker)

Communists , Bundists and Matzpenist s: First and Last Testimonie s on Videoanel 2 (Room 2001)

Panel 2 (Room 2001)

Oral History and Gender Studies

Chair: Dr. Joanna Michlic (University of Bristol)

Prof. Edna Lomsky-Feder (Hebrew University) and

Dr. Orna Sasson-Levy (Bar-Ilan University)

Gendering Women Soldiers’ Testimonies: The Case of  Women Breaking the Silence

Dr. Alina Bothe (Zentrum Judische Studien Berlin-Brandenburg)

Gendered Voices of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Coffee Break 16:00-16:30

Session 3 16:30-18:00anel 1 (Room 2001)

Oral History in the Former USSR

Chair: Prof. Mordechai Altshuler (Hebrew University)

Dr. Isabella Ginor (Research Fellow, Hebrew University)

The “Golden Age” of Soviet Veterans’ Memoirs,1985-2000

Dr. Gideon Remez (Research Fellow, Hebrew University)

"Fiction” as a Historiographical Source in Putin’s Russia

Prof. Natalia Pushkareva (Russian Academy of Sciences)

The Oral History of the Russian Academic Community: Ways of Memorizing and Discrimination Practices (Gender Aspect)

Panel 2 (Room 3001)

Latin American Jewish Migrants and Trans-Migrants : Memory and Oral History

Chair: Prof. Judith Liwerant (Universidad Nacional Autףnoma de Mיxico and Hebrew University)

Ms. Maya Shorer-Kaplan (Hebrew University)

Between Personal Story and General Process: Migration Life Stories of Jewish Immigrants from Uruguay, 1948-2010

Dr. Yossi Goldstein (Hebrew University)

The Importance of In-depth Interviews and Their Place in the Study of Jewish Education in Latin America in a Global Era

Dr. Paulette Kershenovich Schuster (Hebrew University)

Illusions and Reality of Aliyah: The Case of Jewish Mexican Women in Israel

Dr. Efraim Zadoff (Hebrew University)

Oral Testimonies as a Monument of Commemoration: The Collection of the State of Israel Committee for the Desaparecidos in Argentina

Cocktail Reception (Beit Maiersdorf Faculty Club, room 405)18:00-19:30nday

Monday June  9

Coffee 9:00-9:30

9:30-10:30 (Room 3001)

Keynote Address

Chair: Prof. Dalia Ofer (Hebrew University)

Dr. Adel Manna (Van Leer Institute)

Oral History as a Source for the History of the Nakbah: The Survival of Palestinians in Israel as a Case Study

Session 1 11:00-12:30)

Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Latin American Exiles, Transmigrants, Returnees: Memory and Oral History

Chair: Prof. Haim Avni (Hebrew University)

Prof. Teresa Porzecanski (Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay)

Forced Migrants and Discrimination: Memories of Descendants of Slaves in Uruguay

Prof. Luis Roniger (Wake Forest University)

Exiles and Returnees: Possibilities and Limits of Oral History

Dr. Leonardo Senkman (Hebrew University)

Between Autobiography and Oral History of Latin American Returnees

Dr. Silvia Schenkolewski-Kroll (Hebrew University and Bar-Ilan University)

“History of the Present" and Oral History: The Case of Informal Education in the Community Centers of Latin America

Panel 2 (Room 2001)

Transmission of Trauma?

Chair: Dr. Danny Brom (Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma)

Dr. Yonit Hoffman (Independent researcher) and

Dr. Judy Kaplan-Weinger (Northeastern Illinois University)

Oral Histories of Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants: Memory and Meaning in the Intergenerational Transmission of Resilience and Identity

Dr. Kobi Kabalek (Ben-Gurion University)

Menocchio in the 21st Century: Tracing the Sources of Young Germans’ Narratives about Nazism

Dr. Carol Kidron (Haifa University)

Deconstructing Traumatic Legacies of Suffering: Moral Modes of Being as Alternative Channels of Intergenerational Transmission of the Cambodian Genocide Memory

Dr. Zieva Konvisser (Fielding Graduate University)

Healing Trauma Survivors: Stories Lived, Told, Heard and Retold

Lunch (Frank Sinatra Cafeteria, Student Union Building) 12:30-13:30

Session 2 13:30-15:00

Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Holoc aust Survivor Testimony

Chair: Dr. David Silberklang (Yad Vashem)

Dr. Eliyana R. Adler (University of Maryland)

On the Margins of Holocaust Testimony

Ms. Nava Barazani (Hebrew University)

Libyan Jewish Children in the Holocaust: Interviews in the Presence of the Visual Images

Dr. Michaela Raggam-Blesch (ײsterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften)

"Nothing Really Happened to Us”: Everyday Life and Persecution of Women and Men of “Half-Jewish” Descent during the Nazi Regime in Vienna

Dr. Michal Aharony (Open University of Israel)

Dwelling on Horrors: Hannah Arendt and Holocaust Survivors’ Testimony

Panel 2 (Room 2001)

Oral History and Education

Chair: Dr. Michael Gillis (Hebrew University)

Dr. Aviva Avidan (Kibbutzim College of Education)

Narrative and Education: The Place of Interviews in Educational Research

Ms. Christa Whitney (Wexler Oral History Project)

The Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project

Mr. Edward Serotta (Centropa, Austria)

The Centropa Archive

Dr. Jeff Friedman (Rutgers University)

Oral History Documentation of Dance Practices

Session 3 15:00-16:30

Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Oral History and Memory

Chair: Dr. Manuela Consonni (Hebrew University)

Prof. Alessandro Portelli (University of Rome)

On the Uses of Memory

Prof. Shimon Redlich (Ben-Gurion University)

Oral History in Autobiographical Writing

Dr. Barbara Spadaro (University of Bristol)

Exploring Intersubjectivity in Interviews with Jews from Libya: Towards Postcolonial Understanding of the 'Italian' Past and Identities

Prof. Michael John (University of Linz)

Same Place, Different Stories: Interviews with Former Foster Children and Youth Educators in Austria

Panel 2 (Room 2001)

The Interviewer-Interviewee Relationship

Chair: Dr. Zvi Bekerman (Hebrew University)

Dr. Yona Altshuler (Independent Researcher)

The Subjectivity of the Interviewer and Its Influence on the Interview

Ms. Ganit Eiron (Independent Researcher)

The Interviewer-Interviewee Relationship and the Kestenberg Interviews: The Polish Collection

Dr. Rita Horvath (Yad Vashem)

Experiencing a Cycle: "Historical Repetitions"

Ms. Iris Berlatzky (Project Director, Oral History of the Israeli Knesset)

The Interviewer, the Interviewee and the Interaction between Them

Coffee Break 16:30-17:00

Session 4 17:00-18:30ducation, Conference Room, room 303)

Panel 1: The Melton Centre for Jewish Education, Conference Room, room 303

Video Conference: Prof. Henry Greenspan (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Distinguishing the Unsaid, the Incommunicable, the Unbearable, and the Irretrievable

Panel 2 (Room 3001)

Oral History: North African Jewry

Chair: Dr. Haim Saadon (Open University of Israel and Ben Zvi Institute)

Prof. Harvey E. Goldberg (Hebrew University)

Interviewing and Context: Interpreting Jewish-Muslim Interaction in the Maghrib

Dr. Dario Miccoli (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Centre de Recherche Franחais א Jיrusalem)

An Imagined Past? Heritage Associations, Websites and the Remembrance of Cosmopolitan Egypt

Ms. Piera Rossetto (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and eֹcole des hautes יtudes en sciences sociales)

Geographies of Memory and Beyond: Narratives and Practices among Libyan Jews

Dr. Silvina Schammah Gesser (Hebrew University)

The "Subaltern" Can Speak! Arab Jewish Women in Authoritarian Argentina

Tuesday June 10

Coffee 9:00-9:30

9:30-10:30 (Room 3001)

Keynote Address

Chair: Prof. Eli Lederhendler (Hebrew University)

Prof. Amia Lieblich (Hebrew University)

From Tibet to Neve-Shalom: Can Oral History Be Useful?

Session 1 11:00-12:30Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Memory and the Literature of Displacement

Chair: Prof. Ruth Fine (Hebrew University)

Ms. Nava Semel (Novelist)

Isra Isle: The Persecuted and the Refugees

Ms. Svetlana Amosova (European University at St. Petersburg)

Narratives of the Holocaust in Latgale: From Real Experience to Folklorization

Mr. Salman Natour (Playwright/Writer)

Palestinian Memory: The Wrinkly-faced Sheikh

Margalit Bejarano (Hebrew University)

Transmigration and Memory: The Changing Image of Real and Imagined HomelandsPanel 2 (Room 2001)

Panel 2 (Room 2001)

Narratives of German-Jewish Immigrants to Palestine/Israel

Chair: Dr. Judit Reifen-Ronen (Israel Oral History Association)

Prof. Dr. Anne Betten (University of Salzburg)

Telling Stories as a Means of Argumentation: Narratives of Youth Experiences Interviews withYekkes of the Second Generation Tuesday June

Prof. Simona Leonardi (University of Naples)

Metaphors in Dialogue: How Metaphorical Constructions and the Remembering Process Intertwine in Narrative Interviews

Prof. Irmtraud Behr (Paris Sorbonne University)

"Narratives of/and Space”: Grammatical Needs vs. Individual Choices

Dr. Patrick Farges (Paris Sorbonne University)

"Pioneers, Losers and White Collars”: Narratives of Masculinity among German-Speaking Jews in Palestine/Israel

Lunch (Frank Sinatra Cafeteria, Student Union Building) 12:30-13:30

Session 2 13:30-15:00

Panel 1 (Room 3001)

Oral Histor y of Minorities

Chair: Dr. Raz Segal (Hebrew University)

Dr. Edmunds Šupulis (Latvia University)

Memory Work, Identity and Power in Studies ofRoma Life Stories

Ms. Krista Scott (Sharing Stories, Australia)

Digital Storytelling in Remote Indigenous Communities of Australia

Dr. Newme Atungbou (University of Hyderabad)

Construction of History through Oral Narratives: The Case of the Zeme Tribe, Northeast India

Panel 2 (Room 2001)

Oral Histor y and Context

Chair: Prof. David Schnall (Yeshiva University)

Prof. Esther Schely-Newman (Hebrew University)

French Israelis of the Third Millennium: Stories and Histories of Multiple Identities

Ms. Elizabeth Krahn (University of Winnipeg Oral History Project)

Intercultural and Intergenerational Spaces: Post-WWII European Refugees and Displaced Persons in Winnipeg, Canada, Sixty Years Later

Ms. Hannah Pollin-Galay (Haifa University)

Ecologies of Witness: Comparing Lithuanian Jewish Holocaust Testimonies from Different Contemporary Settings

Dr. Ava F. Kahn (California Studies Center)

Confluence: American Youth Create Israeli Kibbutzim

Session 3 15:00-16:30

Panel 1 (Room 2001)

Oral History and Childhood

Chair: Dr. Marc Silverman (Hebrew University)

Prof. Johannes-Dieter Steinert (University of Wolverhampton)

Polish and Soviet Child Forced Laborers in Nazi Germany, 1939-1945

Dr. Christina Bruning (Pהdagogische Hochschule Freiburg)

New Insights into the German Interviews of the Kestenberg Archive: Perpetrators' Children between "Nestbeschmutzer" Accusations and Geschichtsrevisionismus

Dr. Dana Mihailescu (University of Bucharest)

Understanding the Past through Holocaust Child Survivors’ Voices: The Input of Mnemonic Structures Molded on Cognitive and Critical/Creative Grids

Panel 2 (Room 3001)

Sephardic Voices: Dilemmas of Identity

Chair: Dr. Margalit Bejarano (Hebrew University)

Dr. Bea Lewkowicz (Director, Sephardi Voices UK, Oral History Archive)

Narratives of Ruptures

Prof. Henry Green (Director, Sephardi Voices USA and University of Miami)

Ms. Sharon Rapaport (Director of Education, Sephardi Voices UK)

Contesting the Past: Exploring Interviewees' Reactions to the Arab Spring

Prof. Florentino Blanco Trejo (Universidad Autףnoma de Madrid) and

Ms. Maria Angeles Cohen (Universidad Autףnoma de Madrid)

Interviewing (Spanish) Moroccan Jews in Argentina and Israel: The Construction of Memories and Identity within the Context of “Telling One’s Life Story"

Coffee Break 16:30-17:00

17:00Closi ng Remarks (Room 3001)

Closing Remarks (Room 3001)

Chair: Dr. Sharon Kangisser Cohen (Hebrew University)

Greetings: Prof. Reuven Amitai (Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University)

Dr. Margalit Bejarano (Hebrew University)

The Oral History Division

The Oral History Division of the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry (ICJ) began collecting oral histories for the purpose of historical research in 1959, aided by pioneering Hebrew University scholars such as Yehuda Bauer, Dov Levin and Haim Avni. These interviews, covering a wide range of subjects (Holocaust, Zionism and the State, and the Diaspora) andconducted according to the highest professional standards, have made OHD the foremost academic collection of oral documentation in Israel. Over the years the Division’s archive has received similar collections from other prominent research centers and private libraries. Historians, social scientists, students, high school teachers and pupils, both in Israel and abroad, view the archive as a unique and valuable research and teaching tool. Our collection of more than 11,000 interviews in 20 languages constitutes a treasure of Jewish documentation whose importance cannot be overestimated

ICJ would like to thank the following for their generous contribution to the conference:

The Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University

Conference Committee, The Authority for Research and Development, Hebrew University

The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, Hebrew University

Center for Austrian Studies, European Forum, Hebrew University

The Liwerant Center for the Study of Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Their Jewish Communities, Hebrew University

The Melton Centre for Jewish Education, Hebrew University

Da'at Hamakom, Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World, Hebrew University

This invitation along with an ID card grants entrance to the Mount Scopus campus.

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