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  About the Institute:

The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies was established on the festival of Hannukah in December 1924, a few months before the official opening of the Hebrew University. It is currently responsible for coordinating all the teaching departments and research centers devoted to the pursuit of Jewish Studies at the University, and also oversees the publication of a wide variety of journals and periodicals representing a broad range of academic disciplines. The flagship of these journals, Tarbiz, is currently in its seventy-fourth year of continuous publication, and is accompanied by journals devoted to the study of Jewish Thought, Hebrew Literature, Bible, the Hebrew Language, Jewish Folklore and additional fields of Judaic Studies. The Institute also includes Scholion, an interdisciplinary Research Center devoted to Jewish Studies, wherein various teams of scholars from all sections of the University's faculty commit themselves to three years of intensive collaborative work. The eight teaching departments incorporated in the Institute – Bible, Talmud, Hebrew Literature, Jewish History, Jewish Thought, Hebrew Language, Jewish and Comparative Folklore, Yiddish - have a combined student body of over twelve-hundred students, pursuing undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.

On May 21st 2003 the Institute was formally named in honor of Mr. Morton M. Mandel, in recognition of his generous and fervent support for Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University.

Head of Institute:
Prof. Michael Segal
Executive Secretary:
Ms. Carrie Fridman-Cohen

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