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The S.H.Bergman Center for Philosophical Studies Publications Iyyun


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IYYUN: The Jerusalem Philosophical Quarterly, is published by the S. H. Bergman Center for Philosophical Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The editor is Mark Steiner, the associate editor is Eva Shorr. IYYUN publishes long essays, articles, discussion notes, and critical studies of books in all areas of philosophy, irrespective of the authors' philosophical school or method of inquiry.

IYYUN was founded in 1945 as a Hebrew philosophical quarterly by Martin Buber, S. H. Bergman, and Julius Guttmann. As of volume 39 (1990), IYYUN appears four times a year: January and July in English, April and October in Hebrew. Each English issue carries abstracts of the articles in the previous Hebrew issue of IYYUN. The Hebrew word iyyun means "inquiry" or "study."

Indexes: Volume 30 carries author, subject, and book review index for vols. 1-30, and volume 50, the indexes for vols. 31-50.


Contributors are requested to send two copies of their manuscripts, 1.5 spaced throughout, including quotes and footnotes. Manuscripts should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, fifteenth edition. Authors are also requested to submit their article in electronic form (in Microsoft Word format).

Contributions should be sent to the Associate Editor, The S. H. Bergman Center for Philosophical Studies, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91905, Israel. E-mail address is

All submissions are peer reviewed, following editorial screening, by anonymous referees.


Annual Subscription for IYYUN is for individuals $30 ($22 for English issues only); for institutions $35  ($25 for English issues only); $15 for a single issue. Checks should be made payable to IYYUN and addressed to The S. H. Bergman Center for Philosophical Studies, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91905, Israel. E-mail address is


Iyyun was founded by Martin Buber, S. H. Bergman, and Julius Guttmann (hon. secretary Sinai Ucko). Volume 1, no. 1 was published in October 1945, and it included papers by Ernst Cassirer, Felix Weltsch, Fritz Heinemann, Nathan Rotenstreich, and others. A double issue (vol. 1, nos. 2-3) followed in November 1946, and the fourth number appeared in July 1949, that is, from the end of WW II and through Israel's War of Independence.

Ever since January 1951 (vol. 2, no. 1) Iyyun has appeared regularly. The current volume is 65, 2016.

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