����������� ������ �������� ������� ����� ���� Russian and East European Studies
Name: Dr. Edward Waysband
Position: Adjunct Lecturer
Room: 5616
Hours: Monday 13:00-14:00
Details: Tel: 02-5883821

Academic Degrees

BA (summa cum laude), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2001.

MA (summa cum laude), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2003.

PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2009.


Academic Interests


20th-century Russian literature.

Russian and European Modernism.

Modern Eastern European Jewry.

Comparative Studies.

Cultural Studies.


Academic Publications


"'Translatio Studii,' Orpheus, and the Poetry of Revolution", Pekka Pesonen, Gennadii Obatnin, and Tomi Huttunen (eds.), Evropa v Rossii: Sbornik statei. (Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2010) (Nauchnoe prilozhenie. Vyp. LXXXVII): 312–40. (in Russian)


"Khodasevich's 'We' between 'Decadents' and 'Young Akmeists'", Alexander Dolinin, Lazar Fleishman, and Leonid Livak (eds.), Russian Literature and the West: A Tribute for David M. Bethea. Part 2. (Stanford: Stanford Slavic Studies. Vol. 36, 2008): 96–128. (in Russian).


"Ukrainianisms in Osip Mandelstam's Poetry of 1919–1932", Jews and Slavs, vol. 19. Jews, Ukrainians, and Russians. Essays on Intercultural Relations (Jerusalem–Kyiv, 2008): 362–81. (in Russian).


with Leona Toker, "Text in Text: Fedor Tumanskii's 'The Little Bird' in Varlam Shalamov's Story 'The Handwriting'" Slavic Almanac 14.2 (2008): 138–51. (in Russian).


"Intertextual 'Spiderweb' in Nabokov's 'Cloud, Castle, Lake.'" Nabokov Studies 10 (2006): 2751.


"Rev. of Nabokov at Cornell, ed. G. Shapiro" Partial Answers 2.2 (2004): 219–25.


"Koshchei the Deathless in Nabokov's Dar" Slavic Almanac 8 (2002): 42–52. (in Russian).

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