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Name: Ms. Iraida Kazovsky
Position: Lecturer
Room: 5616
Hours: Thursday 12:00-15:00
Details: Tel: 02-5833912, 054-6913580


Academic Degrees


MA (Leningrad State University, USSR) 


Academic Interests


Old Russian Literature


List of publications:


Articles in books:

1. Story about Seven Sages. Library of the Literature of Old Russia. Volume 15. 17th century. St. Petersburg, 2006. P. 175-228.

2. Slavonic Manuscripts in Jerusalem (materials contained in the National Library of Israel, Jerusalem). in: Jews and Slavs. Volume 6. Jerusalem in Slavic Culture. Jerusalem-Ljubljana, 1999. P. 23-32.

3. Seven Sages Story. in: The Dictionary of Letters and Scribes of Old Russia. Volume 3 (17th century). Part 3. St. Petersburg, 1998. P. 183-187. with M. D. Kagan.

4. Story about Seven Sages. Monuments of the Literature of Old Russia. 17th century. Book 1. Moscow, 1988. P. 192-267.

5. An Unknown Text of Greeting to Ivan the Terrible. Monuments of Culture. New Discoveries. Yearbook of 1974. Moscow, 1975. P. 71-74.


Articles in Scientific Journals:

1. Story about Seven Sages. Dating of Ancient Russian Manuscripts of 17th century. TODRL (Scientific Contributions of Department of the Old Russian Literature. Institute of Russian Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), vol.36. Leningrad, 1981. P. 255-258.

2. Ancient manuscripts and books in the library of E. D. Maltsev. TODRL, vol.35. Leningrad, 1980. P. 434-438. with A. M. Gracheva and N. N. Shatalina.

3. Journey to the Pinega and to the Upper Toyma to collect manuscripts in the summer of 1970. TODRL, vol.27. Leningrad, 1972. P. 437-440. with E. D. Kukushkina and T. A. Makhnovets.


Abstracts of Paper:

About the dating of the first Russian Translation of "Gulestan" by Saadi. Scientific Conference of Students of the Philological Faculty of the Leningrad State University. Transactions. Leningrad, 1972. P. 31-33.


Articles in Magazines:

1. A preface to Discoveries. In the World Books. Moskow, 1974. № 4. P. 85-86. with E. D. Kukushkina and I. F. Martynov.


Articles in Encyclopedia:

Russian Literature (11-17th century). Short Jewish Encyclopedia, Jerusalem, 1995, vol. 7. P. 489-492.

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