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Name: Prof. Yemima Ben-Menachem
Room: 5508
Hours: Monday 14:00 - 15:00
Details: Tel: 972-2-5883753


Author of

Conventionalism, Cambridge Uuniversity Press. 2006 330 pp


Editor of


Contemporary Philosophy in Focus: Hilary Putnam, Cambridge University Press, (2005). Introduction by the editor.


Guest Editor: Special Issue, Iyyun 56 January (2007) (In memory of Mara Beller)


Guest Editor (with Itamar Pitowsky) The Conceptual Foundations of Statistical Physics, Special Issue, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 32 (2001). Introduction by the editors.


Guest Editor (with Adi. Ophir) Models of Critique in Science, Society and Art,

Special Issue, Science in Context 10, (1997). Introduction by the editors.


Some Recent Papers


“Revisiting the Refutation of Conventionalism”, forthcoming in The Library of

Living Philosophers, The Philosophy of Hilary Putnam, L.E. Hahn (Ed), Open Court.


“Necessity and Contingency in History” forthcoming in The Oxford Companion to

the Philosophy of History, A. Tucker (ed) Blackwells.


“Free Creations of the Human Mind” Iyyun 56, January 2007


“Black, White and Gray: Quine on Convention”, Synthese (2005)


“Direction and Description”, Stud. Hist. Phil. Mod. Phys. 32 (2001) pp. 621-635.


“The Design Argument:” (Hebrew) BDD 13 (2003) pp. 55-67.

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